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Reach Out, 2016

Flammarion 3D I., 2016

To MSG or not to MSG that is the question, 2016
(((all images by Ultrabianka)))

•about herself, Bianka Oravecz says:
I am a self-generating visual thinker and manifesto, with the aim to process a unique visual language via the usage of creative developments in art, science and technology. I feel a drive to use and abuse all kinds of tools and situations in order to show constant progress.
•about her work:
My work is a series of digital pieces with aesthetic and communicative purposes. Over the years I developed a paradigm system that always expands and defines my current style.
•something else 4 the ░c░o░l░l░e░c░t░i░v░e░ ░c░l░o░u░d░ [/NewHivemind]:
The luminous headed human, named after the light, climbs up to the computer apparatus’s top side. She pulsates there on the Earth’s hemisphere, covered with silky crystal micro-cilium and luxuriates in slimy, shiny fractal colors.
The small purple craters of a data processor’s desktop ooze bluish-black pony colored fluid onto a glass-cell, from wherein – after pealing a living robot’s body – comes to the Moonlight an RGB ray shadow of the non-Persian Gnosis, the sublime reek of the cultural zeitgeist, materialized in genetic multiform, the persisting translucence

”’“`—___[̲̅♥̲̲̅̅P̲̲̅̅R̲̲̅̅E̲̲̅̅A̲̲̅̅C̲̲̅̅H̲̲̅̅ ̲̲̅̅Q̲̲̅̅U̲̲̅̅E̲̲̅̅E̲̲̅̅N̲̲̅̅♥̲̅]___—“`”’

∞ ∞ ∞–≠≠–•ªº,“‘‘«…(/.__.)/ ⁂ \(.__.\)«…“‘‘,•ªº–≠≠–∞ ∞ ∞

Turf Projects Get Fit
Avatar therapy by Claire Davies
Silk, rail, fan, MP3 player, headphones, Dimensions variable, 2016

Turf Projects Get Fit
Relax yourself by Olivia Domingos
Video, faux sheepskin rug, lounger chair, audio, Dimensions variable, 2016


+Get Fit @ TURF Projects
4 March > 16 April
Turf Projects
Keeley Road, CR0 1TF Croydon, United Kingdom



w/ works by: Claire Davies, Joseph Legg, Adham Faramawy, Aoife Mullan,
Steven Mills, George Chinnery ft. Amy Pickles, + sound by James Murphy and IBM.

Turf Projects presents Get Fit, a new exhibition contemplating the spirit and aesthetics of contemporary gym culture. Brought together by co-curators Olivia Domingos and David John Scarborough, this group show delves into the physical, social and emotional experiences that appear to have become part and parcel of what it means to ‘shape-up’ – whilst harking back to the former use of Turf’s Keeley Road exhibition space as the fitness shop Workout World.

The space, once walled in mirrors and host to a showcase of exercise machines and fitness gear, here offers alternative perspectives on the gym club environment. On display are works by a selection of UK-based artists, imitating this world of memberships, self-esteem, voyeurism and supplements, but also more sensitively considering how we interact with each other and ourselves in the growing commercial industry of physical health. Co-curator David John Scarborough (b. 1991, lives and works in the East Midlands) presents Quitters, a new installation in which partitions and fabrics equally hide and reveal, heeding to misplaced glances and the peculiar proximal encounters with other bodies that we experience in changing rooms, saunas and swimming pools. Whilst in a collaborative work from George Chinnery (b. 1991, lives and works in the East Midlands) and Amy Pickles (b. 1990, lives and works in Glasgow) we see contrasting motifs from health retreats to faded industry, creating a narrative platform that playfully traces the rise of leisure, isolation and invisible labour.

Abstracting these atmospheres of bodily exertion the show further reflects upon ever-present advertisements for the active lifestyles that we may or may not aspire to. In Sparking Life, Pure Water, Healthy World Adham Faramawy (b. 1981, lives and works in London) uses liquid slippages between physical and digital effects to locate the body as a site for both the corporate and domestic, revising the infomercial aesthetic to challenge the homogenisation of health and wellbeing trends. Meanwhile, co-curator Olivia Domingos (b. 1991, lives and works in London) draws from the voyeurism found in celebrity culture, inviting you to relax as Kim Kardashian West shows us how to fit into our jeans by Friday.

But as the curators also point out, people themselves display fewer boundaries in the gym arena, and the private is made public in open displays of self-endurance, or even leisure. Aoife Mullan (b. 1990, lives and works in Dublin) employs fake social media narratives and personas to playfully inspect ideas of meritocracy and self-governance in gym culture. But we are also reminded of the frenetic gym atmosphere itself, and beyond it. In Chromo-Security Lights Joseph Legg (b. 1992, lives and works in Leeds) places coloured filters over public lighting, proposing a way of enhancing and distorting our daily experiences by transforming the modern-day city into a chromatic playground.

Artists featured here explore the creation of these atmospheres via various mediums and employ their own bodies as well as ours in re-imagining these experiences. Steven Mills (b. 1991, lives and works in Birmingham) presents himself as a commodity; and assisted by commercial materials to expand his limitations as an individual combines 3D printing, metals, silicon, protein powder and his own bodily fluids in an attempt at self-preservation. In a further reference to self-making and embodiment, Claire Davies (b.1987, lives and works in Nottingham) employs skin ‘textures’ used in 3D modelling, fans, binaural recordings and Pilate’s instructions to create the hypnotic sensation of ASMR (Autonomous Median Sensory Response).

Whilst walking through the workspace Remixes Made by Tennis Data from James Murphy (b. 1970, LCD Soundsystem) adds an almost haunting acoustic dimension to the show. Murphy transformed tennis data collected via the IBM cloud into real-time music through a generator, and the resulting audio was streamed live during each 2014 U.S. Open game. The sounds now serve as ghost-like reminders of each match.

The exhibition and events were made possible with the generous support of the Mayor of London, Arts Council England & Centrale Shopping Centre, Croydon.
/via ofluxo


+CODE + POETRY presented by DAM
Preview : 8 April 2016, 7-9 PM
Exhibition: 9 April – 4 June 2016
Neue Jakobstraße 6, 10179 Berlin, Germany

Driessens & Verstappen, NL
LAb[au], BE
Manfred Mohr, GER-USA
Frieder Nake, GER
Casey Reas, USA
Sommerer & Mignonneau, AT/F
Roman Verostko, USA

The exhibition `Code + Poetry´ refers to an aspect of coding, which has been mostly neglected so far – the relationship between the written program and its execution as an artwork on the screen.

Since the 1960s the term `Concrete Poetry´ is a recurring topic. It is not a coincidence that the influential philosopher Max Bense plays an important role. His research on the aesthetics of digital art is significant as it shows, that coding can be viewed as `Concrete Poetry´.

The group exhibition at DAM Gallery displays international artists and puts the written code into dialogue with the executed software. The software manifests itself as an interactive installation, as a kinetic sculpture or as endless developing software art on a screen.

/about DAM gallery/:::
International gallery in Berlin (DE) specialized in Digital Art.
Long Description
Art of the Digital Age, from 1965 to Now!

DAM Gallery is based on the virtual Digital Art Museum, which was founded in 1998. Since 2003 Wolf Lieser has established DAM Gallery in Berlin. The main focus is on the use of digital media as part of the art production and the dialogue with digital culture. The spectrum spans from the pioneers of the 1960s, through the Net Art artists of the 1990s to the artists after 2000.

Between 2005 and 2012 DAM organized the |DDAA| DAM Digital Art Award in collaboration with Kunsthalle Bremen, a lifetime award for the early pioneers.

In 2010 the book Digital Art (hardcover with DVD) from Wolf Lieser was published, an introductory publication on Digital Art in five languages with abundant visual material.

We offer you professional advice regarding major positions of Digital Art, estimates for early artworks and a full service for building your collection.

Gallery Director: Wolf Lieser

DAM Gallery Berlin
Neue Jakobstr. 6
2. left courtyard
10179 Berlin

Online viewer logged into the #LIVINGROOMTODAY chatroom
flyer by Michael Green

~ an exploration of online community and social interaction
~ an experiment in re-engagement

Together we will be curating a space, existing both physically and digitally, where all are encouraged to express themselves without restraint.

“#LIVINGROOMTODAY is an exploration on collaboration, community and connection by creating a portal into a virtual room that anyone can exist in — people from anywhere, talking about anything, sharing the same audio/visual experience while being able to communicate between each other be it publicly or privately…
#LIVINGROOMTODAY curates a performance experience giving opportunities to those we believe will provoke and instigate thought and conversation between those connected online and present at the actual venue or venues the performances are being presented in.”
Foundations Magazine

[click here to read more from the Foundations article]

The last three physical iterations of the #LIVINGROOMTODAY were in :
Downtown Los Angeles @ Club Pro
& Online at : www.livingroom.today
#LIVINGROOMTODAY facilitates the creation of three pieces from participating artists :

1. 20 – 30 minute pre-recorded mix .
-original content is preferred but not required

2. One corresponding visual piece .
-If you have never made visuals for your work before we have assembled a pool of Visual artists for you to collaborate with if you choose to do so .

3. One physical piece .
-We’ve made shirts, tapes, towels, and prints for for artists in the past

We are an open format platform and encourage artists to work Carte Blanche
with #livingroomtoday which is @fuckwalker and @pretty_boy_whatever

Featuring new releases from :
- Karman
- James West
- AceMo
- Izy
- Dessert
- Pie2k

brought to you by new media artist, SAINT MICHAEL www.saintmichael33.net


+the aura in the age of digital oddities
a Conference with André Gunthert
April 14 at 2 PM – 5 PM
École normale supérieure
45 rue d’ulm, 75005 Paris, France

For his third public event POSTDIGITAL the research program of the ENS welcomes André Gunthert, teacher-researcher, lecturer in visual history at EHESS.

Walter Benjamin proposed the concept of will to characterize the authenticity of a work of art craft, in contrast with the dynamism of cinema, industrial work. By extending the idea to have the memory of historical journeys accompanying cultural productions, the new availability of works in the digital space raises the question of the evolution of their receipt. Socialization between singularities and algorithms, the forms accompanying attentional now experiencing a historic change. This a key element of the restructuring of the cultural landscape.

Specialist in the history of photography, Andrew Gunthert has expanded its study to the social use of images, and is among the first to have questioned their descent into the digital age. Highlighting the work of the reception, its current research aims a comprehensive understanding of contemporary visual culture.

Founder of the magazine photographic studies in 1996, he directed with Michel Poivert The Art of Photography (Citadels-Mazenod, 2007). His latest book, Shared Image. Digital photography (Textuel, 2015) offers a first history of the reception of the digital image. He regularly publishes his recent work on the blog The social image (http://imagesociale.fr/)

The conference will take place April 14, 2016, 14h-17h. ENS Ulm, dining Jean Jaurès (29 rue d’Ulm, Paris).

images via prostheticknowledge


Surreal 3D online Net-Art gallery space from Mexico built with the Unity gaming engine:

Vngravity is a project proposed by a team of mexican artists Salvador Loza, Gibrann Morgado and Alfredo Martínez as an alternative for the production and exhibition of art based on objects, digital media and new media. It consists of a 3D exhibition environment designed for internet. It functions as an interactive space in the manner of a video game. In addition to the availability and potential navigation gives the user the gallery allows greater projection artists because, in contrast to the traditional exhibition platforms, the scope of the exhibitions is broad and is not limited by physical or geographical space.

Every two months we will invite artits that work with digital mediums: motion graphics, generative art, animated GIFs, digital graphics, 3D animation, interactive and other formats that will be exhibited on a new landscape. Artists in the first exhibition:

Vince Mckelvie (E.U): www.vincemckelvie.tumblr.com/
Rollin Leonard (E.U): www.rollinleonard.com/
Luis Nava (Mx): www.vimeo.com/himluis
Tomás Díaz Cedeño (Mx): www.neolithicmonoliths.tumblr.com/
Aleph Escobedo (Mx): www.magmasmegmadesirevertigo.tumblr.com/
Alfredo Matinez (Mx): www.alfredomartinez.mx/
Stanley Sunday (España): www.stanleysunday.com
4S4R (Rusia): www.4s4r.tumblr.com/
Luis y Mark FELT ZINE (E.U): www.feltzine.us/hd/2014
Salvador Loza (Mx): www.salvadorlozza.tumblr.com/

You can visit this new online gallery space here


Monumental installation, 13.5 feet x 27 feet. Created for The Dolls House, an exhibition at Transfer Gallery

+OPENING RECEPTION ::: The Dolls House : a solo exhibition from Claudia Hart

Saturday, April 23 at 6 PM – 10 PM
Show Map
1030 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11211
TRANSFER is pleased to present ‘THE DOLLS HOUSE’ – our first solo exhibition with Claudia Hart from April 23 through June 4th, 2016.

OPENING RECEPTION /// Saturday, April 23rd
////////////////////////////////////////// from 6 – 10 PM
1030 Metropolitan Avenue in Brooklyn, NY 11211

‘The Dolls House’ is a new series of video, drawing and sculptural work from Claudia Hart, inspired by her media ballet ‘The Dolls’ which is based in the philosophical idea of the “eternal return” – the notion that history endlessly renews itself through a process of decadence, decay and rebirth. To embody this, Hart has molded mathematical cycles into visual form, creating rhythmic, animations of pulsing patterns which are physically mesmerizing and intentionally hypnotic as a result of their algorithmic qualities.

Hart imagines an abstract computer warehouse filled with old dollhouses culled from the junk heap of some future history. She scoured Google’s 3D Warehouse – available as shareware for all users of Internet – for architectural monuments from a decadent history, past empires from all over the world. These include The Arch of Labna (a Mesoamerican archaeological site and ceremonial center of the pre-Columbian Maya civilization), the Roman Forum-of-Ceasar, Marie-Antoinette’s Le Petit Trianon (the small chateau on the grounds of Louis XIV’s Versaille, where she dressed as a milkmaid with her ladies-in-waiting), a Queen Anne House from Victorian England; the Dragomir Mansion from Bucharest; and the Paulwall House – still standing in our own ruined Detroit.

Like her doll houses, Hart’s 3D modelled tutus are also drawn from the scion of a fallen empire: the gowns of Margaret Theresa of Spain, among the last of the Spanish Habsburgs. This child princess was the central figure in the famous painting Las Meninas, a canonical masterpiece by the great 17th-century court painter, Diego Velazquez, and the subject of many of his paintings. Hart’s Velazquez princess dresses are modeled by computer and produced as mixed-media works on paper with projection mapping, and 3D printed sculpture for the exhibition.

Hart’s brightly colored, algorithmic flickering patterns are the ultimate component of her contemplation on the passage of time and the death of kings. The animated patterns are based on the symbols of further collapsed empires – from the Faberge eggs of The House of Romanov to the banners and heraldry of Gengis Kahn and the Mongol Empire. Distributed among these are the current logos and graphical icons of our own multinationals corporations. The end result is in some ways like a stroll through Times Square or a glitzy night in Vegas. But it is also paradoxically and strangely quite trance inducing and meditative, a vehicle for some kind of enlightenment.

A full inventory of work from ’The Dolls House’ is available from the gallery. Please inquire with the director@transfergallery.com to request information.


Claudia Hart has been active as an artist, curator and critic since 1988. She creates virtual representations that take the form of 3d imagery integrated into photography, multi-channel animation installations, performances and sculptures using advanced production techniques such as Rapid Prototyping, CNC routing and augmented-reality custom apps. Her works deal with issues of representation, the role of the computer in shifting contemporary values about identity and the real, and specifically questions ideas about what might be considered “natural.” Her project is to feminize the masculinist culture of technology by interjecting emotional subjectivity into what is typically the overly-determined Cartesian world of digital design.


+Lo-res.rocks/pre_show/1/ &
April 2 at 6 PM
3034 N Troy St, Chicago, IL

( ( L//O//-R//E//S Fest ) )
`. `. p r e s e n t s… .’ .’

) ) _ _ _ _ _ _ ( (
,’ .’ `. .’ `. .’ `. .’ `. .’ `. .’ `. .’ `. .’ `. `.
( ‘ _ `-’ _ `-’ _ `-’ _ `-’ _ `-’ _ `-’ _ `-’ _ ` )
`. .’ `. .’ `. .’ `. .’ `. .’ `. .’ `. .’ `. .’ `. .’
| .-.
| / \ .-.
| / \ / \ .-. .-. _ _
| / \ / \ / ‘-’ ‘-’
|/ ‘-’ ‘-’

//LO-RES\\ P~R~E–S~H~O~W —> 1

/_____\\ \
/_____\ \\ /
/_____/ \/ / /
/_____/ / \//\
\_____\//\ / /
\_____/ / /\ /
\_____/ \\ \
\_____\ \\



* – * – * – * – * – * – * – * – * – * – * – * – * – * – * – *





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S C R E E N I N G S ~ 8 PM

Dena Springer
Sarah Kirch
Nick Flaherty
Heejin Jang
Alfredo Domador

M U S I C + D A N C I N G ~ 10 PM
(( visuals by diebenjidie; ))
_[glitch as an extension for anxiety, catharsis, and failures],,,,, i want to engulf you in digital noise

{{ DANNN }}
… G R E E T S F R O M Y O U R B O Y …

{{ s e a b l a z e }}

>Inspirations: TEKLIFE // DisasterPEACE // SYLCMYK // MAXO // Hyperboloid // N. Uematsu // Tokyo Hands // Hatsune Miku // Dead Can Dance // MBV

{{ v e n o S c i }}

>Chiptune Idol making music // exclusively // on video game handhelds
{{ venosci.bandcamp.com/ }}

_The acclaimed actor is researching a role as a DJ in an upcoming independent film and put out word that he would be touring the country for experience. He said he was coming through Chicago in early April to DJ various venues, so we got in touch with his people, and now he will be spinning a genre of electronic music he invented that he calls “P.A.R.D Music”, (which stands for Pretty Awesome Rockin’ Dance Music.) He’s super excited to play!!!!!

http://lo-res.rocks/ http://lo-res.rocks/ http://lo-res.rocks/ http://lo-res.rocks/ http://lo-res.rocks/ http://lo-res.rocks/ http://lo-res.rocks/ http://lo-res.rocks/ http://lo-res.rocks/ http://lo-res.rocks/ http://lo-res.rocks/ http://lo-res.rocks/ http://lo-res.rocks/ http://lo-res.rocks/ http://lo-res.rocks/ http://lo-res.rocks/ http://lo-res.rocks/ http://lo-res.rocks/ http://lo-res.rocks/ http://lo-res.rocks/ http://lo-res.rocks/ http://lo-res.rocks/ http://lo-res.rocks/ http://lo-res.rocks/ http://lo-res.rocks/ http://lo-res.rocks/ http://lo-res.rocks/ http://lo-res.rocks/


LO-RES is a 1-day multimedia festival that will host musicians and artists working in various forms of digital media. This event will have everything from analog hackers to laptop musicians to glitch artists. We aim to exhibit the diverse culture that interests from all of these communities.

We partnered with Undervolt & Co and David Guiles Quillo to bring this hybrid event. LO-RES aims to exhibit the diverse connection between glitch artists, net artists, audio/visualists, and chip tunes musicians, and all other networks that exist within these areas. If you engage with the Internet or media in anyway, we will connect you!


BANANA-MILKSHAKES is a one day event that will be hosted in a Logan Square basement that intends to raise funds for the overall operation of the Lo-res Festival in September! It will bring together artists and musicians who work across disciplines ranging from audio-visual performances to experimental animations and from glitch-noise to internet-aesthetic & chip-tune! The event will have exclusive screenings, real-time performances and live DJ sets! Oh, also real Banana Milkshakes!

brought to you in part by artist Violet Forest, co-founder of ♡♡cybertwee♡♡

if you have a collection, show, gif, tweet series, dystopic fantasy or lucid dream for next week’s THIS WEEK IN NET ART, email info to m@newhive.com