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Texting You From Another Timeline – Munch emoji, by Valeris
(with sound:

∞∞∞ studies show that the average human spends one third of their lives b/u/f/f/e/r/i/n/g ∞∞∞∞

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kanye minecraft
kanye on kim
kanye titanic
kanyes on things by lelah childs

+p u t k a n y e o n t h i n g s

Animator and New Media artist Lelah Childs was tuned in to Kanye West’s recent, much-anticipated performance on SNL. As she watched Kanye laying face-down on the floor of the illustrious NBC Studios stage while the rest of the artists continued the performance vertically, she was suddenly, intensely moved by this glorious display of Kanye’s imfamous zero-fucks given attitude. This particular image struck Lelah as the perfect physical incarnation of the Yeezy of today, epitomized without shame. She felt instantly compelled to meme it for the people.
Lelah took several screenshots, masked out Kanye to transparency, and
started sending pictures of Kanye on things to her friend and collaborator, Net Artist & writer Paul Miller. her first were on a screenshot of minecraft, floating safely on a board by the sinking Titanic,
& in kims butt crack.
Paul was strongly inspired by Lelah’s invention and they decided to create an interactive web app allowing anyone to put laying-down kanye on things:::anything, everything , & a l l t h i n g s

you can even use screenshots to put kanye on kanye on kanye on things
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The Hub was founded by Christopher Bleuze-Carolan (aka User Deleted), a conceptual artist & filmmaker; Lelah Childs, a multimedia artist & designer; and writer Paul Miller, co-founder of The Verge, best known for leaving the internet for a year.

You can follow/find/friend Paul and Lelah on IG & Twitter

image by connor stockton



MOVA is an application that requires a computer, the machine that reforms the distinguishability and (in)stabilities of the technological, social, and individual.

Like all attempts to inject a distributed, democratic aspect into the often criticized spatiotemporal and socioeconomic limitations of the institutional display and curation of art, MOVA seeks to widen the ability of audiences to experience a curated collection without having to pay, move, or suppress themselves into the architectural standards of physical galleries and museums worldwide.

The mission of MOVA extends beyond the reach of a post-Fried ambition towards the sterile, autonomous art that has dominated Western discourse, arguably leaving an irreversible lineage of minoritarian-proof traditions in the contemporary academic, intellectual, and artistic spheres.

The mission of MOVA is to open up the possibilities, not only of viewership, but of production to the public communities. This is an act of sociocultural destabilization, as well as (and primarily) a demonstration of the socioeconomic power of the machine in which the entirety of MOVA was produced and can be viewed: the personal computer.

In this sense both viewership and curation are elevated from suppositions of taste and value, previously determined by small, centralized networks, to that of a decentralized platform in which an inclusive community of artists determines the outcome. The designer of the museum in this case serves only as a mediator and laborer, to take all aspects that once were outsourced to construction/audiovisual/transportation contractors (the working class) and merge them with the powers of curation (the upper class). In this sense the protocol of future museums relies on the following rules:

1. All artwork submitted in the correct format in the given span of time must be accepted.
2. The museum must be free of charge and made to be compatible with common operating systems.
3. All decisions that effect the museum’s functions and politics will be made via democratic voting by participating artists.

For future iterations of MOVA (if this idea even has an impact lol) I would highly recommend that all discussions remain public and that the MOVA name be used only as a prefix to the given community, location, or otherwise purpose of its edition (ex. MOVA 2, MOVA NYC, MOVA POC, etc.).

This is for the sake of reminding that MOVA is a form designed to be determined by the community that produces it.

Bordlee & Zhu have even gone so far as to provide zip files of the entire catalog available for free download on Zhu’s website

Connor Stockton is an 18 year old artist primarily concerned with the crises of identity and representation of the “author” in social media networks. As a queer artist, he focuses on how the self is represented separate from the body, especially in these emerging collective networks of “individuals”. Any given user of is 3.57 people away from anyone on the site. What are you willing to share as representative of yourself?
his current website:
his exploration of networked media and the “author” of a social trend:

his most recent video work with artist Sadie Prior:

Bordlee will start the groundwork for MOVA 2 in March. Until then, he’s working on MOVR, a Virtual Reality version of MOVA. It’ll be hosted on Nick’s Webite [], and his website []. he will also submit it to Oculus Share.
“Long Live Free Information” – Michael Bordlee

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+ Andy Derrick is looking to feature Digital, New Media, New Aesthetic artists on ArtSquare Academy-
if you’re interested, just fill out this short interview form and he’ll get your feature up (it’s free to be featured).

“Donald Real-Estateborn of the House Trump, the First of His Name, the Unfired, President of America, Commander of the Senate and the Republicans and the First Dems, CEO of the Great Trump Org, Builder of Walls, and Wearer of Comb-overs.” – Zniszczony Nazwy (

+ ‘MERICA — take a virtual tour of the Trump campaign
via TomoNews‘ 360 VR Video News: Donald Trump race for the presidency

360 VR Video News: Donald Trump race for the presidency – virtual tour of Trump campaign – TomoNews

‘MERICA — Take a wild VR ride with Donald Trump as he races for the presidency. The GOP front-runner starts his bid for the 2016 presidency by running over a poor defenseless lady. He then encounters Megyn Kelly from Fox News and Jorge Ramos from Univision.

Watch as Donald Trump cruises through the Red Light district, tells Chris Christie to open up his bridge, duels with Jeb Bush, encounters Oreo cookie men, picks up Sarah Palin, solves America’s illegal immigration problems and bombs Iran.

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