Swipe Right

rendering of a new reality by willak

I don’t use Tinder anymore because you have to have a Facebook account and I deactivated nearly a year ago because people I love make me sad. But that’s another story for another day.

When I was still using that app, I wrote this poem using lines from the profiles of guys I swiped right on. I didn’t really have a concept or a thesis for it at the time, but looking at it now, I think it’s this: We all think we’re different and we’re all wrong.

Whether the goal is love or just casual sex, the subtext is generally the same: I’m lonely. I want to be loved. I am worthwhile. Please swipe right.

Willing to lie about where we met.
Chill guy, looking for friends, maybe more…
I have an awesome dog.
Not looking for anything serious…
I love junk food, yoga, loose leaf tea, oversized sweaters, roller blading, cats, Doctor Who, socks, cooking, pillows, family, bolo ties, and soft lighting.
Friendly, witty, shameless.
Always on the go for work.
It’s like “Hot or Not?“ with opportunity attached.
Looking for a nice guy. That’s about it. :)
I’m a community manager, geek, beer lover.
I love adventuring, good food, and live music.
Musician into yoga, sci-fi, cats, wine, and adventures.
I make music.
Another app for Mr. Right Now.
I don’t bite.
Work in tech.
Help me get this lion costume off me and onto your bedroom floor!
I love holes in worn out things.
I make my living off of wine, so drinking can’t be a deal breaker.
Here’s to not being able to initiate hello and terribly awkward conversations!
On vacation. ;)
6’ in height.
I’m 6’3.
Oh, and I’m 6’5.
All y’all tall bitches, I’m 5’6 ‘aight?
hipster/theatre/pop culture nerd & beer queer.
I paint. I sing. I stare. I’m foreign.
I don’t always wear black.
IPAs and Robyn hold the keys to my heart.
Tell me your favorite emoji.