My 5 Internet Obsessions: Alex Saum

Sensitive But Unclassified by Alex Saum

**Alex Saum-Pascual** is Assistant Professor of Spanish at the University of California, Berkeley, where she teaches Contemporary Spanish Literature and Culture (20th and 21st Centuries) and Electronic Literature (Digital Humanities). She is also part of the Executive Committee of the Berkeley Center for New Media. Her academic work has been published in Spain, Mexico and the United States. Her digital artwork has been exhibited in galleries and festivals in the United States and abroad. She is at @alexsaum and


1 I <3 E-Poetry

I love digital poetry, so it makes sense that I love Leo Flores’s site. It has a lot of resources in English and Spanish about what’s going on in the e-literature world. Entries are short and sweet, so it’s great for a quick visit now and then.


2 Porpentine’s weird Twine games

Twine is a great platform to build hypertext stories, and @slimedaughter builds the coolest, *chica-rara* stuff. *Those We Love Alive* is a great and troubling story; so is *Girl Waste*. I also like other games by her like *This World Is Not My Home* built in Unity—makes me want to stop working and build things in Unity too.


3 Magic Realism Bot

Ok, so like everyone else and their uncle, I follow some bots on twitter that make my feed a happier place. My favorite right now is the @MagicRealismBot by @chrisrodley and @yeldora_ that literally turns my tweetdeck into a magical experience of exotic lands and surreal creatures.


4 Jan Robert Leegte

Less e-lit and more (what do those categories even mean!!??) is the work that Jan Robert Leegte has been doing for the past fifteen years or so. The newer stuff hacking Google Earth is intriguing and slightly unsettling, but my heart is set on his older scrollbar compositions and sculptures.


5 My Mexico City NewHive Obsessions

Because deep in my heart I know that I am really Mexican and not a true Spaniard, I have become obsessed with the New Hives by Broken English; all of textjockeys, but specifically their little novel *Loop, una novela post-cursi* by @spamagustin and @pierreherrera; Horacio Warpola‘s shiny, beautiful poems; and, of course, Canek Zapata’s surreal colors. Finally, although not on NewHive, I’m also in love with the two Ulises Carrión bots that my wife @elikaortega has created: @BotCarrion and @UC_Poesias_Bot, that bring Carrión’s playful view on material writing to the 21st century and beyond.