My Top 5 Internet Obsessions: Hattie Ball

Feel Real by Hattie Ball and Xhosa

Hattie Ball is a British digital artist currently living and working in the US. She uses gaming software, video and VR to create virtual experiences, music videos and massage brains. Find her on Instagram or Twitter.

1. Sophie Rogers

I went to college with Sophie Rogers in the UK and have followed her work ever since. She makes really great, game-like videos with virtual forms, fictional characters and narratives inspired by sci-fi literature amongst other things. Always good to see women smashing it in tech based arts.

2. Bengfang’s video for his track ‘Distant Future’

This is one of my favorite videos I’ve seen this year. It’s really simple but bold and has this kind of old-fable narrative feel to it with the creature you only half see.

3. Xhosa’s ‘Feel Real’ video with Crying Connor

I love everything XHOSA makes as a musician but also just as an artist in general. ‘Feel Real’ is one of my favorite of her releases, including the video she made for it with Crying Connor. I think she’s working on some new visuals for the remix which I’m excited to see.


4. No Man’s Sky

‘No Man’s Sky’ is a newly released game that is actually infinite.- It’s procedurally generated so the environment you see is programmed to gradually build itself around you. You are given an entire universe to discover but it would actually take billions of years to explore every virtual planet in every virtual galaxy. Haven’t played it yet but keep geeking on the gameplay videos.


still from Thomas Traum’s Visual Ident

5. MTV ‘World Creative Studio” Visual Idents

MTV ‘World Creative Studio’ commissioned a bunch of net-artists to make short animated video features or ‘Visual Idents’ and they’re now up online.- There’s some really good/weird pieces on there including a wee vid I collaborated on with Ambient Boi. They link you to each Artist’s website too so you can see all of their individual stuff.