My Top 5 Internet Obsessions: Andrea McGinty

Deserve by Andrea McGinty
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Fountain by Andrea McGinty

Andrea McGinty (b. 1985) in an artist, writer, and curator living and working in Queens, NY. Recent solo exhibitions include “Spiritual Awakening Tailgate Party” at High Tide Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, and Life’s a Beach!!! with, New York, NY (2015). She is the author of ‘God, I Don’t Even Know Your Name‘ (2015), an erotic novella published by Badlands Unlimited, and has been featured in publications such as Mousse Magazine, Modern Painters, Blouin ArtInfo, The Paris Review, and T Magazine. Now, Andrea tells us about her top five Internet obsessions of the moment.

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I’m going to be honest with you guys, my internet usage has become incredibly basic and utilitarian. I work a lot and am often on the go so I rarely have time to get lost in a browsing k-hole. That being said, I check Twitter on my phone approximately 100,000 times a day. Like, I’ll go to check the weather and before I know it I’ve spent 30 minutes talking shit in The Group DM and I’ve missed my train.

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I primarily make sculptures from manipulated found objects, and I turn to Amazon when I need something hyper specific or out of season (like the tie dye printed inflatable pool I used for a show with After years of purchases the product recommendation algorithm has become a frightening window into my soul.

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Real Simple’s article titles keep popping up on my social media feeds and they seem to have been specifically engineered to trigger all of my deepest insecurities. From “You’re putting sunscreen on all wrong” to “5 brunch cocktails to make everything better” I will basically have a panic attack if I don’t click.


4. Binge watching Grey’s Anatomy on
I’m a big fan of a good cry, and Grey’s Anatomy always gets the job done. Someone almost dies like every episode and the doctors are falling in love with each other all the time. Also, I once correctly diagnosed my friend based on a plotline from the show, which is so stupid, but true so maybe it also saves lives.

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My mom was born in Finland and moved to the US when she was 19. Despite being incredibly fluent in English, she has always mixed up common American phrases. I grew up never being quite sure if I was using an idiom correctly, or if it was a hybrid phrase my mother had created. I still constantly have to google to check, but I thank my her because it gave me a fluid approach to language.