My Top 5 Internet Obsessions: Adam Ferriss


Photo illustration by Adam Ferriss via NYTimes

Artist Adam Ferriss shares his top 5 internet obsessions of the moment.


A collection/archive of scientific research papers on every topic imaginable. This is where I like to go hunting for diagrams.


Samim is a programmer working with machine learning / ai. His twitter feed keeps me up to speed on the crazy amounts of ml / ai projects being released.


3. Evgeny Demidov
I know nothing about this person other than that they have a Russian e-mail address and have been making some great proof of concept webGL demos for building off of.


4. Felix Woitzel
Felix has been pushing out webGL fluid simulations for years. They’re unfortunately not catalogued anywhere, but that makes stumbling upon them feel a bit more special.


5. This snail shader
Inigo Quilez wrote a program to render this snail with just a single shader and a boat load of math.