My Five Internet Obsessions: Sarah Ahmed

Sarah Ahmed physically lives in the GCC but emotionally in the world wiLD web. She calls herself a creative because she still can’t call herself an artist. She gives plants new homes when her life gets messy, and sends postcards to strangers. She is the founder & curator of Now Sarah shares with us her top 5 internet obsessions of the moment.

1. surveillance cameras around the world // something about the cameras capturing scenery/people in low resolution makes me actively paranoid

2. infinte zooming – // i have this bookmarked for when i want to relax

3. crying sessions’ youtube search: people meeting their puppies for the first time

4. chants sung by pearl divers a long time ago in the gulf. these soft sad songs break and heal me.

5. seeking plants in google maps // through google maps, i like entering malls, organizations and offices to look for plants.