Tyler Kline’s 5T4RG$T3 at Fringe Art Fest

5T4RG$T3 by Tyler Kline

The Fringe Art Fest in Philadelphia went live today, and Tyler Kline’s 5T4RG$T3 is featured as part of digital fringe and will be shown at Crux Space.

Kline uses the NewHive ST4RG$T3 as a portal linking various NewHive pages tagged #bravostarkweather together. In an experiment to create a fictional character, each page is a different aspect of his/her journey from birth to post-humanism to intergalactic voyaging. This character will realize an instantiation in January at the Esther Klein Gallery in Philadelphia, where Kline will use this project as an abstract to flesh out the artifacts of this speculative experiment.

|_4|\||>5|-|4|=T | | by Tyler Kline

“Part of this project is a meditation on the non-binary nature of biological intelligence vs the binary algorithm controlled nature of AI,” says Kline. “I have been reading Ray Kurtzweil and Jaron Lanier, one an optimist cheerleader of silicon ascendancy and the other a critic. What I think they both don’t see regarding the coming singularity is that A.I. will never think like a biological human brain, it will never overtake us that way. What is happening, and what the real singularity entails, is that humans are beginning to think like their binary devices, we are culturally and psychologically being colonized by artificial intelligence. At some point this will become native. It is already legislated, our current police state designed for a post-human society. The singularity will be a complete binary colonization of the native biological mind.”

Nature x tech = digiGarden

19280cEKwDGJh Espers by LaTurbo Avedon

Most everyone that goes to the Cinefamily for anything knows they are in for something wild. House-made assemblages of clips–campy and whimsical, cringe-inducing in the best of ways–dug deep from the bowels of forgotten cinema.

This past weekend in LA was SUPER TIGHT, an event started by Casey Rup at the Cinefamily. Guest Art curator Ambar Navarro conceived an imagining of what prospective gardens could potentially be: digital depictions of flowers, plants, and the feel of nature habitation- embracing tech and idyllic references to the Old World.

The Silent Movie Theatre’s back patio transformed into a fantasy of foliage and neon lights that welcomed with mindful ambient sound, art, and cocktails. Ambar’s outdoor installation was the gem of this experience, gracefully crafted to showcase each artist’s vision and the materiality of each piece.

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The Device is the Message by Liliana Farber

Storage Un.it is a small project space located in a storage unit @ arebyte Gallery in London. The space features a series of projects, which take place online and investigate the relationship between the URL & IRL. The space was initiated in Nov 2015 as part of ‘The Wrong’ online Biennale.

The second residency in storage-un.it is artist Liliana Farber and her work titled the-device-is-the-message_Part_I.

The work focuses on the idea of the smartphone as an active agent in the way we interact with the real world, the art world and the online world, but also with each other. Confrontations become digitized and repercussions between the machine and its user are staged virtually.

In relation to the way in which the smartphone has become integral to the modern world, Farber will interrogate how this reliance affects real interactions — but also how the specific language of the virtual is shaping our perceptions of time, space and place in the real. The symbiotic relationship between the user, the machine and the notion of privacy is of interest for the artist and will be explored further via recordings and research with relation to her personal data usage.

A precise intimacy is at play between the user and the screen; private experiences are created but can also become part of the public domain. This idea of the boundaries between public and private can be seen by the way in which Farber is conducting her research and documenting the project’s progress. All aspects are continually updated via NewHive, and viewers can watch the project update in real time through September 10th, 2016.

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