While brazen champions of innovation-by-disruption may invoke us to move quickly, trash out-dated norms, and never weep with nostalgia, the process of “renewal” feels like a calmer, more thoughtful call to action. What can renewal mean in the contexts of net art, big data, self-exploration, and at the intersection where technology and nature meet? Is there room for change that doesn’t discard previous tropes, trends and ways of being, but alchemizes them into something that feels utterly new? Is there value in rebirth?

On the occasion of Art21 Magazine’s Renewal-focused Spring issue, NewHive invites you to explore this theme through multimedia. Artists are encouraged to design newhives featuring original GIFs, videos, and any/all other forms of visual imagery, plus poetry, essays, or personal narratives. One winning submission will be chosen by Willa Köerner, the issue’s guest editor, for a solo feature and interview in Art21 magazine, and will be awarded a prize of $100. Submit your meditations on what it means to renew yourself, your outlook on life, or your profile pic — no process of renewal is too small, or too large!

All submissions must be published live on NewHive by Friday, March 11 with the tag #NewRenewal for consideration.

  • Vera Lin

    Has the winner for this been announced?