Black Mountain School x NewHive

Painting Transcends by Ryan Seslow

In the face of extreme tuition cost, corporatized profit-driven learning, and a “one size fits all” curriculum that define the limitations of public and private higher education, Black Mountain School presents a socially integrated residency experience that features an intimate class size, emphasis on labor, and communal living.

Inspired by Black Mountain College’s (1933-1957) legacy of avante garde artists, architects, musicians, and thinkers, Black Mountain School seeks to create conditions necessary for a present-day community of pioneering artists and critical thinkers.

The BMS GIF course, created and taught by Ryan Seslow, is an introduction to generating New Media Art using multiple mobile and desktop software platforms. Students will learn how to convert applied art works into digital new media based iterations. The class website is an educational platform that will present and promote the works generated by BMS students & guest artist collaborators. This website will also serve as an archive to share, experiment and feature online exhibitions. This course has been created specifically for the Black Mountain School by Ryan Seslow.

NewHive will be introduced to the class as an extensive digital tool and platform for generating web dependent works of digital art. It will be used as a platform for students to create, host, share and archive their works.

{.INTERNET_DOWN;} by Ryan Seslow

“I love the ability to layer and integrate multiple GIFs into one field,” says Seslow. “The fact that this is so accessible helps change the way we think about how GIFs can be used and how they can expand upon telling stories.”

Students will also use NewHive to collaborate on one account. All students will have access to the log in credentials so that they can begin and expand upon existing works. Some of these collaborations will continue long after the course technically ends. This creates an ongoing experience and network.”

The GIF Course will be held JUNE 11th, 12th & 14th from 8PM – 9:30PM ET. Seslow will livestream Sunday’s class via NewHive on the course’s NewHive feed.

Ryan Seslow Bio –  Ryan Seslow is a visual artist, graphic designer, and professor of art living and working in New York. Working in a variety of applied arts and new media technologies Seslow shows his work both on and off the web. He teaches various fine art, graphic design, & new media courses for graduate and undergraduate level programs simultaneously between four colleges in the metropolitan NY area. He is the curator of Concrete to Data & the Co-Curator of Encrypted Fills & Animating Transit.

Guest Artists, Contributors & Collaborators: Michael Branson Smith General Howe & Jessica Fenlon